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Our pricing is among the best around.  Our beds are top quality with incredible tanning power.  One visit to our salon and you will see for yourself "What A Difference A Dark Side Can Be!!"

Lay Down$10.00
Stand Up$12.00
Spray Tan$40.00
One Month Unlimited $65.00
Bronze (5 Tans) Bed$45.00
Bronze Stand$50.00
Silver (8 Tans) Bed$73.00
Silver (8 Tans) Stand$81.00
Gold (11 Tans) Bed$100.00
Gold (11 Tans) Stand$114.00
Platinum (15 Tans) Bed$135.00
Platinum (15 Tans) Stand$155.00
Per Minute Lay Down$1.00
Per Minute Stand Up$1.50

We carry a variety of lotions including Supree, Devoted Creations, Fiji Blend, Fiesta Sun, Australian Gold, Designer Skin & California Tan.  Come in and check out our selection at very reasonable prices.

“OMG…they don’t slip”
          We are so happy to announce that we now carry Sweaty Bands!  Sweaty Bands are made for women and girls who still want to look put together while they are dripping with sweat! Sweaty Bands are the ultimate sport and fitness headband. Plus you forget they are even in your hair they are so comfortable! Try one today and become a believer.                          http://www.sweatybands.com                    

We Appreciate Your Business! 

"Come See What A Difference A Dark Side Can Be!!"